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Our agency provides professional apartment rental services in the centre of Kiev city. We have our own ever-increasing database of business and elite class apartments.

This article will be useful for those guests who visit Ukraine for the first time. In this material, you can read the background information about Ukraine, rules of dialing phone numbers, instructions how to call a taxi and other useful tips.

Ukraine is a country in Eastern Europe

Hospitable, distinctive and picturesque, Ukraine offers you a great number of options for comfortable time spending.
Today, tourism in Ukraine offers a variety of activities that will suit all the tastes. Here, you can relax under the gentle sun, indulge in resorts, enjoy Ukraine's unique sightseeing spots – towns, castles, churches, cathedrals and even small streets; you can feel the exclusive atmosphere of medieval Europe and try some delicious Ukrainian dishes.


The color of national flag флаг украины     Blue and Yellow
The national coat of arms  gerb Trident
The national anthem   «Shche ne vmerla Ukraina»
The national language   Ukrainian
The country's name in Latin letters   Ukraine
The capital  


Neighboring states   Poland*, Slovakia*, Hungary*, Romania*, Moldova, Russia, Belarus (the EU countries)
The seas   The Black sea, the Azov sea
The biggest rivers   The Dnieper, the Dniester, The Southern Bug, the Desna
The landscape   Mostly flat – 95%, mountains – 5%
Mountain systems (in brackets - maximal height in meters)   The Ukrainian Carpathians (2061), the Crimean mountains (1545)
The highest pick, m   2061 (Hoverla, the Carpathians)
Minerals   Coal, iron ore, manganese, nickel, salt, etc.

Moderate, mostly continental, on the Southern coast of Crimea – close to subtropical (Mediterranean)

Temperature, °С   Average in January: –1.4, in July: +22.7 (1999);
in Kiev – in January: –2.5, in July: +22.3 (1999)
Administrative structure   The autonomous republic of Crimea, 24 regions, 2 cities subordinated to the state
Big cities   Dnepropetrovsk, Donetsk, Lvov, Odessa, Kharkov, Sebastopol
Polity   Unitary state
The head of the state   the President
Legislature   Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine
Form of government   Parliamentary-presidential republic
The main law   The Constitution of Ukraine
Independence Day   August, 24th (1991)
Constitution Day   June, 28th (1996)
The national currency   гhryvnya (UAH) = 100 kopecks
Denominations of banknotes and coins   banknotes: 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500 hryvnyas;
coins: 1, 2, 5, 10, 25, 50 kopecks, 1 hryvnya
The exchange rate   You can see the current exchange rate following the link
The predominant religion   Christianity (Orthodoxy, Catholicism, Protestantism)
The ethnic composition   78% – Ukrainians, 17% – Russians, 5% – other nationalities (2003)
The telephone code   For mobile phones +38
Traffic   Right-hand
Time zone   GMT+2 (plus 2 hours to Greenwich time)
other definitions:
EET (Eastern Europe Time)
Summer time   A switch to daylight saving time takes place at the night of last Saturday of March (clocks are set forward for one hour); a switch to winter time occurs at the night of last Saturday of October (clocks are set back for one hour)
Weights and measures   Metrical system (SI)
Electrical network evrovilka 220 V (often with drops), frequency – 50 Hz;
plugs with two thin round pins




Kiev is the capital of Ukraine

The city is located on both banks of the Dnieper river. This is an incredibly beautiful city with a long history, that's why it is especially popular among the tourists from the whole world. Mild temperate climate, the richest cultural and historical heritage, marvelous architecture, hospitable people, picturesque parks and squares which you can see in Kiev at every turn – all this attracts travelers of different categories.

Staying in Kiev will bring amazing experience and only positive emotions. Our service is useful not only for the tourists – any person who is going on a business trip to Kiev can find a suitable apartment with the help of our web-site.

Telephone calls

If you are calling from a city (landline) phone, which you may find in many of our apartments, and dialing a local city number, you need to dial the number without the state and city codes in such a format: ХХХ ХХ ХХ. In such a way, you can call a taxi or book a table at a restaurant.

Nowadays, when the market of mobile network is developing and prices are getting lower, the landline phones are rarely used.

There are several large mobile operators in Ukraine providing high-quality communication services not only inside the country, but also abroad. They are: Kyivstar, MTS, Life.

Mobile operators have been pleasing their users with low prices for over 10 years. For now, the price of 1 minute of speaking does not exceed 1 hryvnya (0,05USD), regardless the selected company. That's why we strongly recommend buying a sim-card of a local operator when you come to Kiev. Sim-cards for GSM mobile networks can be easily purchased in any shop or operator's brand store.

Main mobile communication companies


MTC logo 

Code +38 (050), +38 (066), +38 (095), +38 (099)


kievstar logo

Code +38 (039), +38 (067), +38 (068), +38 (096),+38 (097),+38 (098), +38 (063)


life logo

Code +38 (063), +38 (093), +38 (091)

+38 – the telephone code of Ukraine, mobile operators codes are indicated in brackets.

Example of dialing from a mobile phone when calling a local landline phone number:

(044)-ХХХ ХХ ХХ, where (044) is the code of Kiev

Example of dialing from a mobile phone with a local sim-card when calling another mobile phone number in Kiev or Ukraine:

(operator's code)-XXX XX XX.

If you are dialing from a mobile phone with a foreign sim-card and are trying to reach the phone number in Ukraine, you should dial this number in such a format:

+38 (code of the mobile operator or a certain city) (phone number), regardless of whether you are in Ukraine or abroad.

To send a text message (SMS) to any mobile phone number in Ukraine, you should also dial the number using an international format: +38 (mobile operator's code)-XXX XX XX.

Despite of different ways to dial the phone number in Ukraine, we recommend dialing all the numbers using the international format - not to get confused:

+38 (code of a mobile operator or a certain city)-XXX XX XX;

for example, to call a Kiev city phone number, you will need to dial:
+38 (044)-XXX XX XX

To call a mobile phone number

+38 (mobile operator's code)-XXX XX XX

Thus, dialing +38(067)23-444-23 on your mobile device, you will always be able to reach us.


Fire protection service office  101 
Police 102
Emergency medical service 103
Gas service 104
Pharmacy, information line 1567
Medical advice 1583
Veterinarian Emergency 553 74 74

578 00 73


067 731 15 15


096 583 33 33


096 238 82 82

Useful phone number

Borispol Airport 393 43 71
Zhulyany airport (Kiev) 585 72 54
Central bus station 527 99 86
Central train station 503 70 05
Booking train tickets 503 60 50
Precise time service 121
Weather forecast 122
Kiev telephone / Information about an address 109
Kiev business information line 1559


In Kiev, especially in the city center – there are a lot of excellent cafes and restaurants. Now you can hardly find a café or a restaurant without Wi-Fi connection, many of them are open 24/7. Also please pay attention that all the apartments available on our web-site have high-speed Internet connection and a Wi-Fi router.



Metro is the cheapest and fastest way to get around the city. The price of a token is 4 hryvnyas, and it allows you to transfer to a different metro line and travel an unlimited distance. Metro stations are open for boarding from 6 a.m. till 12 p.m.

Trolleybuses and trams

You can buy a ticket for a one-way trip for 4 hryvnyas at bus stops or from a conductor.

Trains and buses

To purchase a train ticket, you need a passport.

Central train tickets office

38/40 Shevchenko Boulevard

Vokzalna square

Information: +38 (044) 503 70 05

Central bus station

1/2 Nauky Avenue

Telephone: +38 (044) 527 99 86

Borispol international airport

Information 711 (2,40 UAH/min 
  0 800 300 711 (free)
  +38 (044) 393 43 71

Kyiv International Airport (Juliany)

Paid Flight information from landline 0 900 31 6571 
Paid Flight information from cell 657
Free flight information +38 (044) 585 72 54


Driving in Ukraine

Speed limits in town - 60 км/ч
Outside the town - 90 км/ч

On the roads that have separated opposite lanes or concrete bumps between them

- 110 км/ч
Highway - 130 км/ч

The approximate gas price is 28-30 UAH per liter; you can see more precise information following the link


Absolute Taxi

Telephone: 455 95 95

+38 067 455 95 95

Premium Taxi

Telephone: 237-47-99

+38 063 237 47 99

+38 066 237 47 99

+38 097 237 47 99

Premier Taxi

Telephone: 233 11 20, 233 11 30, 233 11 40, 233 11 50, 233 11 60, 592-30-30, 592-80-80

+38 050 380 67 67

+38 067 407 36 36

+38 063 233 11 50

Car rent

Avis Ukraine

Airport Boryspol
Terminal F
+38 044 591 70 09
+38 067 245 07 05

Head Office Kyiv
72, Yamskaya Street
Telephone: +38 044 502 20 10
Fax: +38 044 502 20 14


Kiev, Borispol Airport, Terminal D

Opening hours:
Mo-Fr 9:00-18:00
Sa 9:00-18:00
Su 9:00-18:00

+38 (044) 362 000 6
+38 (094) 926 70 06

Kiev, Zhuliany Airport, Terminal A

Opening hours:
Mo-Fr 9:00-18:00
Sa 9:00-18:00
Su 9:00-18:00

+38 (044) 383 000 6

Kiev, 10 Pleshcheeva str

Opening hours:
Mo-Fr 9:00-18:00
Sa Выходной
Su Выходной

+38 (044) 383 000 6
+38 (094) 927 70 06

Kiev, 46 Dmytrivs'ka St

Opening hours:
Mo-Fr 9:00-18:00
Sa 10:00-16:00

+38 (044) 383 000 6
+38 (094) 927 70 06

If necessary, our company can provide you with a comfortable car (not older than 3 years old, only Japanese and European brands) with a professional and responsible driver – for trips in Kiev, and also in the other Ukrainian towns and cities.

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